Art and Design

Art Curriculum Intent statement

At St Anne’s Primary School we recognise the importance of art and design in developing and promoting children’s creativity in a wide variety of ways. Our curriculum is designed to allow every child to explore, experiment and create their own artwork through enjoyable and challenging lessons as well as equip them with the ability to critique the art of others, allowing them to express their individual opinions with confidence.

Whilst children experience a progressive curriculum that leads to them towards mastery of art and design techniques including painting, drawing and sculpture, they will also learn how art and design has added to the history and culture of our country, and other countries around the world.

Through our art and design curriculum, we will provide children with opportunities to develop other vital skills such as independence, team-work, resilience and self-belief. Having conversation and discussion at the heart of our art and design lessons will also allow our children to develop their vocabulary and language.

Art Skills and Knowledge Progression