The school adopts the Local Authority’s (LA) Admissions policy and procedures.  Details can be found at:

Tameside MBC Admissions

Children are accepted into school in the September of the school year in which they reach their fifth birthday. 

Admission places are allocated by the Local Authority (LA) however, parents can contact the school to register an interest in their child attending St Anne’s.  Parents on this register will be invited to an “open morning” at the school approximately eleven months before their child is due to start school and will also receive a reminder of the admissions process through the LA.

Parents are informed of the outcome of their application by the LA.  Parents have the right to appeal to the LA if they are not granted a place at the school of their choice.

Parents who are allocated and accept a place at St Anne’s are invited into school, with their child, in the summer term prior to the September admission.  At this meeting a ‘Welcome Booklet’ is distributed containing up to date information on the school.  Parents and children meet the Reception class teacher and teaching assistant and the children spend time in the Reception classroom.

Throughout the time of a child’s attendance at the school, it is essential that contact information (address, emergency contact etc) is kept up to date.

 For the first week of the autumn term the Reception children attend on a half-day basis, alternating between morning and afternoon sessions.   The children do not stay full time, or for lunch, until the second week.  This system is operated to make it easier for the children to settle into full-time school.

Parents who wish to transfer their child from one primary school to another are asked to consult the headteacher of their child’s current school for a transfer form and advice.


Tameside MBC Admissions

The Local Authority’s website enables you to fill in an online applications for our school.

It also provides information on:

  • School transfers
  • Admission into Reception
  • How places are allocated
  • The appeals procedures
  • Free School Meals
  • Zero Fee Bus Passes