Design and Technology

Design and Technology Intent

At St Anne’s, our aim is to nurture our children to develop the skills necessary to become innovative designers, creators and makers through a range of inventive and practical activities. Our Design and Technology curriculum is, where possible, linked to engaging and relevant real-world topics that our children enjoy and find purpose in. We create a nurturing and encouraging environment so our children can express themselves creatively and freely. Our values lie at the core of how we teach Design and Technology at St Anne’s, aiding our children to grow into independent, cooperative and curious learners.

By the time they leave St Anne’s, our children will be able to apply their knowledge to evaluate existing products, whilst using the drawbacks they discover to create solutions to problems to improve these products. They will be able to use their technical knowledge of materials, mechanical and electrical systems and computing programs to include into their own products. We will also provide our children with the life-skills necessary to prepare and cook a variety of healthy dishes.

Design Technology Skills and Knowledge Progression

Design Technology Coverage Overview