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Cornerstones presentation for parents and carers


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How and what our children learn

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. The children study the National Curriculum. which is made up of the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Computing, Music, Languages, Art, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Children learn best when they are active learners. This means involving children in interesting and practical activities. We encourage our children to solve problems and to explore and think for themselves.

A variety of teaching methods are used to deliver the curriculum. These include individual, group and whole class teaching.

We recognise that children are individuals with different needs and abilities. Teachers take these into account when planning tasks for the children.

Priority is given to basic numeracy and literacy. Mathematics and English are taught as separate subjects through daily literacy and numeracy lessons.

We aim to encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and to apply mathematical skills with confidence and understanding.

We want our children not only to be fluent readers, but also to enjoy reading and develop a love of books. We use a range of reading scheme books together with good children’s literature. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the school and each child is provided with a home/school reading log.

We want our children to become competent writers. We encourage writing development by providing a range of opportunities in different genres using a variety of stimuli.

We have a library, which is housed in a mobile unit. Children are encouraged to take books home.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral part of the school curriculum and there are at least two computers and an interactive white board in every classroom. We have mobile sets of 32 laptops and iPads, which are used by all the children on a regular basis.

We aim to foster the children’s sensitivity to, and understanding and enjoyment of, art, craft and design through active involvement with as wide a range of media and materials as possible. We are proud to have achieved Arts Mark and pupils have gained a variety of arts awards.

Approximately 2 hours each week is allocated for the teaching of Physical Education. Outside expertise is often used in the school to teach particular skills. These have included netball, short tennis, hockey, football and athletics.

We have a wide range of musical instruments and Year 4 enjoy brass tuition weekly, from Tameside Music Service. Instrumental tuition is available after school as an optional extra and is funded by parents. A musical concert is held each year in the summer term.

Health and Sex Education are not taught as separate subjects. The children share in a continuing health and sex education programme throughout the school. Staff answer children’s questions sensitively, as they arise. In addition to this, Year 4 girls watch a video on menstruation. Years 5 and 6 pupils watch a video on ‘Growing Up’ and opportunity is given to ask questions. Year 6 pupils also watch a video about relationships and reproduction. Parents are invited into school from time to time to view these videos and are informed when the children have watched a sex education video in school. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education. Requests should be made to the headteacher.

As we are a local authority school, Religious Education (RE) follows the LEA’s Agreed Syllabus. The purpose of RE is to educate about religion, not to instruct. We seek to encourage an understanding of each other and each other’s beliefs.

Collective Worship takes place on a daily basis in accordance with the requirements of the 1988 Education Act.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and/or
Collective Worship. Requests for withdrawal should be put in writing and sent to the headteacher.

Our website gives details of what is covered in each year group and across the school. For further information about our curriculum, please contact the class teacher or deputy headteacher via the school office.