Parent Mail

St. Anne’s Primary School has set up an agreement with Parentmail to enable the School office to send out information and newsletters via e-mail and SMS texts.

This will enable the school to keep in touch quickly in the event of unforeseen circumstances i.e. school closure due to bad weather etc.
It will also improve our ‘Green Footprint’ by reducing the vast number of photocopies the school has to produce.

All parents/guardians are invited to join this scheme. Please contact the school office for details.

All parents/guardians who have already expressed their desire to join the scheme will receive an e-mail shortly from Parentmail with an offer to register on the website.

Please follow this link and register. You will be asked to fill in your preferences.

Note: you do NOT need to buy any texts to receive important texts from the school, these have been paid for by the School.

The option to buy texts is only to enable Parentmail to send you a text whenever you receive an e-mail if you so require.

If you have any problems registering, there is a help line on the website, or contact the school office.