Mathematics Curriculum Intent

At St Anne’s Primary School, we recognise the importance of mathematics in the wider world and we want children to be able to use their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in a range of different contexts. We want to develop a positive culture for the subject around the school where all children enjoy and can experience success in mathematics.  Our aims are for children to have a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts and be able to move fluidly between different representations and contexts.  In doing this, we believe that children will become fluent mathematicians, be able to reason mathematically and will be able to solve problems with increasing complexity.  Our curriculum is designed following a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics and the principals of this link closely to our school values; to develop resilient, reflective learners who are confident to articulate their thinking.  We recognise that in order to develop this sustained learning, small, progressive steps that expose key structures are essential in our mathematics curriculum.

Maths Mastery Calculation Policy