History Curriculum Intent

At St. Anne’s Primary School, the history curriculum is designed to inspire children to be curious and fascinated with the past of Britain and the wider world. Furthermore, our high quality teaching will give children a chronological understanding of how Britain has influenced, and has been influenced, by historical events and significant individuals across the globe. Our teaching is fully inclusive and, as well as covering the aims of the National Curriculum, encourages children to pursue lines of enquiry that are significant to them.

The historical area of learning aims to give children skills that can be transferred across the curriculum. By learning to devise historical questions, children are able to think critically, weigh up evidence and conduct arguments. This links directly with School Values that promote curiosity and independence. It also teaches children the joy of diversity within society and encourages children to recognise change and continuity throughout history to the present day. This relates directly to School, and British, Values which encourage children to be respectful and work together to create a positive learning environment. Additionally, they will learn to dissect arguments and recognise how sources of information can appear in a variety of forms: such analytical skills will be invaluable to children when it comes to further study in areas such as science and literacy, as well as everyday life as they begin to face a broader range of viewpoints, such as those presented in the media.

History Skills and Knowledge Progression

History Coverage Overview